Make the Best Espresso Coffee: Define a Great Espresso

Make the Best Espresso Coffee

The espresso coffee was invented for its brevity but has stayed due to its powerful taste and versatility. Espresso is a highly concentrated coffee drink, the basis of a litany of beverages found in cafés all around the world. Some people mispronounce it “expresso”—an almost intuitive mistake considering the quick process to make the drink. Making best espresso coffee requires a dedicated Espresso …

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How to make Flavored Coffee?

make Flavored Coffee

Flavoring coffee is as old as the beverage itself. The Arabs were the first coffee connoisseurs to add such spices as cinnamon to their beloved brew. Other Middle Easterners followed, with the addition of cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, allspice, and even ground nuts. Spirits, chocolate, and citrus peels were also included later on. Once Coffee was introduced to …

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Guide to Decaffeination – How is Coffee decaffeinated?

Guide to Decaffeination

Drinking decaf doesn’t mean selling out on flavor, aroma or quality . . .  It should taste the same as caffeinated coffee if the caffeine is removed properly. — Rosemary Furfaro A little history: Decaffeination: Kaffee Hag in Germany, Sans caffeine (“Sanka”) in France, and Dekafa in the United States. From its earliest history, there were health concerns regarding coffee and its …

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A Brief history of coffee & coffeehouses

History of coffee and coffeehouses

There is no history of mankind, there are only many histories of all kinds of aspects of human life. —Karl Popper, Austrian philosopher The wise man should drink coffee, the friends of God and His servants, the sad, the bad even the mad should drink it. To God’s glory let us celebrate. ¨Oh, Coffee, you …

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George Clooney Nespresso Deal is Worth $40 Million

George Clooney Nespresso “what else?” George Clooney was the highest male actor in the world in 2018, technically the highest-paid actor in the world as no actress came close to what he earned. What is surprising is that the famous actor had not featured even in a single movie and yet he managed to beat actors …

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How to Make an Iced Latte at home?

Make an Iced Latte at home

Iced latte: Measuring your Drink Iced lattes are very easy to make, considering how delicious they are. All you need is some sort of graduated measuring cup or spoons and the basic ingredients. Here I’ve taken it step-by-step to show you how and also give you the proper proportions of a good iced latte, and …

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Espresso Machine: Everything You Need To Know

Nowadays the Espresso machine is available in just about any style or configuration you could possibly imagine. The super-duper automatic models that do everything apart from drink the coffee for you are the fully automatic machines – they are even self-cleaning – all at the touch of a button. After reading this article you’ll have what you need to know to …

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