Guide to the Types of Coffee

Guide to the Different types of Coffees

Different types of Coffee Espresso — Coffee beans extracted under pressure with steam Americano — Espresso and hot water Latte — Espresso with steamed milk Cappuccino — Espresso with a mixture of steamed and foamed milk Caramel Macchiato — Vanilla, steamed milk and espresso, drizzled with caramel Frappuccino — Sweetened coffee blended with ice Mocha …

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Amazing Facts about Caffeine’s effects

Caffeine’s effects

In this article, you will find a collection of Amazing facts about caffeine, from different studies that evaluated caffeine’s effects on the mind, memory, reaction time, decision making, solving problems… etc. If you are a coffee lover or your favorite drink it contains caffeine, So this article is made for you. let’s start. Researches found that 100 and 200 mg …

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How to Find, Buy & Store Coffee?

Find, Buy & Store Coffee

The way that you should store coffee depends on what form you buy it in. Pre-ground coffee loses its freshness much faster than the actual beans do, so if you buy coffee in this form, you should make sure to consume it as quickly as possible. Ideally, you will want to finish a can of …

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Rosetta Latte art: How to become a Super-Barista

Rosetta Latte art

Latte art won’t make your espresso taste better, but it will show that you care. For best results: use a wide mouth cappuccino cup. Swirl the pitcher of steamed milk before you start, in case the liquid and foam have separated. Pour with a steady hand and consistent, even flow. Your design, including Rosetta latte art, won’t …

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How to Make the Perfect Cappuccino?

how to make perfect Cappuccino?

The credit for inventing Cappuccino is given to the Capuchin order of friars – fact or myth, who knows? The friars’ long pointed cowls certainly resemble a perfectly finished Cappuccino: heaps of froth sitting on the nutty colored Espresso crema, the base of the froth stained with a rich dark, coffee ring. It could be true! All …

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Make the Best Espresso Coffee: Define a Great Espresso

Make the Best Espresso Coffee

The espresso coffee was invented for its brevity but has stayed due to its powerful taste and versatility. Espresso is a highly concentrated coffee drink, the basis of a litany of beverages found in cafés all around the world. Some people mispronounce it “expresso”—an almost intuitive mistake considering the quick process to make the drink. Making best espresso coffee requires a dedicated Espresso …

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Coffee Vs Tea

Tea and coffee are two most noticeable refreshments over the globe. While both tea and coffee have different wellbeing benefits, we evaluate the two on reason of some significant parameters. Nevertheless firstly you recognize when you spill yourself some coffee or tea in the morning; its more than basically your morning backing you’re devouring. That …

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How To Make Turkish Coffee Recipe?

Boiled coffee is an ancient tradition in the Balkans, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. Often drunk slowly with a company, it is the fuel of politics and business negotiations. Recently researchers in Greece proved that regular consumption helps overall cardiovascular health. Have a look on Turkish Coffee Recipe. Let us learn the Turkish way …

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Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe

Sunday mornings (aka pyjama day). Love ‘em. Especially autumn and winter ones. No reason to leave the house when it’s cold outside. Day of rest god said. And I take heed. 10am lay in. Cup of tea in bed. Downstairs to lavish breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, grilled tomato, toast and orange juice. Speciality of …

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Guide to Decaf Coffee Beans

What is Decaffeinated Coffee? Decaffeinated coffee and the regular ground coffee beans commonly contain certain amount of harmful chemicals derived from the presence of non-organic pesticides and fertilizers during the process of cultivating the coffee beans. The presence of dangerous chemicals in your cup of coffee may eventually create a number of health hazards. However, …

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Tumeric Latte Recipe

Today, on OiB, we will talk a killer spicy we all know. The Turmeric. Turmeric is an amazing super food. We all love it to spice up a blend meal. Did you know it was the best base for  latte? Yes. Coupled with the soothing properties of ginger (to both your stomach and your muscles), …

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How To Make Latte At Home

How To Make Latte First, I feel like I should clear something up.  In  the video, the barista keeps on saying she’s making a cappuccino.  But when in fact, she is making a latte.  Let me explain. A cappuccino consists of 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, and 1/3 foam.  In the video, she had a …

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Green Tea Cinnamon Latte

0 grams of fat and only 27 carbohydrates — did I mention insanely delicious? With ingredients I had sitting in my cabinets at home I was able to whip up a Green Tea Cinnamon Latte. You will need.. 1 Green tea bag ¾ Cup Skim Milk ½ Cup Water ¼ tsp. Cinnamon 1 tbsp. Honey …

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Choosing Your On The Go Coffee Mug

These days the average person travels with one hand clutched to a newspaper and the other hand holding onto their morning coffee. For the average coffee addict, finding the perfect mug to handle the wear and tear of daily use on the run can be challenging. There are many mug options to choose from and …

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The New Cappuccino: Kick your coffee habit with cacao

Looking for a morning kick that doesn’t kick you back? I’ve got a good’un for ya. It’s got all the intense, energy-giving kick of an espresso, without the bitterness. In fact, it’s made from 100% cacao liquor, giving it the creamy, chocolatey deliciousness of chocolate itself. Now, I know what you’re thinking of: chocolate is never …

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