Green Tea Cinnamon Latte

0 grams of fat and only 27 carbohydrates — did I mention insanely delicious?

With ingredients I had sitting in my cabinets at home I was able to whip up a Green Tea Cinnamon Latte.

You will need..

1 Green tea bag

¾ Cup Skim Milk

½ Cup Water

¼ tsp. Cinnamon

1 tbsp. Honey

½ tsp. Vanilla

Follow these steps…

  • Start by boiling water – let the tea bag steep for 3-5 minutes in ½ cup hot water
  • Warm the milk on the stove
  • Blend together Vanilla, Honey, Cinnamon, Tea and Milk.
  • Enjoy this drink warm!

Blend Away!


– A little bit of cinnamon goes a long way – you can put less in the drink if you plan on sprinkling on top

– You can stir all of the ingredients together but blending gets the milk to froth!

-Sprinkle Cinnamon on top for a more decorated look and added flavor

-Consider using decaf tea, this makes your drink perfect for anytime of day, even a sweet treat right before bed

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