How To Make Turkish Coffee Recipe?

Boiled coffee is an ancient tradition in the Balkans, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. Often drunk slowly with a company, it is the fuel of politics and business negotiations. Recently researchers in Greece proved that regular consumption helps overall cardiovascular health. Have a look on Turkish Coffee Recipe. Let us learn the Turkish way of Coffee preparation or Coffee Making. Turkish Coffee Recipe & Turkish Coffee Tips:

Coffee the bubbly intense dark firm and at the same time super simple to prepare it.
Of all the things… Turkish Coffee is my favorite. Really thick, really sweet, & really strong meant only to top off a meal. I think it is such a great way to relive culture. I have my Turkey coffee set. And you just need the right tool like Turkish coffee pod or HSV in Turkish, very beautiful and you don’t have to go to get them in Turkey. They sell them online. So excited for making Turkish coffee? Have a look on Turkish Coffee Recipe. Turkish Coffee Recipe & Turkish Coffee Tips. Wind up fast and let’s start with the coffee preparation.

How is it different?

Yes, Turkish coffee making is different than the other normal coffee preparation. Turkish coffee should be freshly ground from very well roasted coffee beans. When you go to a coffee making shop you can ask them to grind your coffee two times, this will make your Turkish coffee super powdered and super teen and this is the thing that you want. Turkish coffee is different from regular ground coffee because it is much finer like flour. This is what we call Turkish coffee. There are some basic brands of coffee which I have seen all over the world. Also, I’m going to share with you four great tips about coffee making in a Turkish way.

So let’s begin… So to make Turkish coffee you need following ingredients.

Coffee Preparation in Turkish Way, Some Turkish Coffee Tips :
  • Room-temperature water
  • Fine sugar
  • And a good quality Turkish coffee
  • Firstly measure the cup with water, which you are actually going to drink coffee in. Simply pour the water into the cup only to confirm how much amount of water you need. Keep in mind each cup of water makes coffee for a single person. So for example for 3 persons, you need 3 cups of water.
  • Add the measured water to a small metal saucepan.
  • Add fine sugar. We have three degrees of Turkish coffee according to the sweetness of it which is less sweet where we use only one teaspoon of sugar or medium sweet which we use only two teaspoons of sugar and extra sweet where we use 3 teaspoons of sugar. You can also make it without sugar. If you don’t like to use any sugar in it.
  • After adding sugar we add the coffee, where we use two heaped teaspoon of Turkish coffee. For each cup.

After adding sugar and coffee into your water you must stir them together before putting them for heating. Now, so many people tell you to stir it while making Coffee. However, which is wrong in a traditional way of coffee preparation of Turkey. You never stir the coffee while is on the heat. After stirring it put it over the medium heat and remember the heat must be always on the medium.

  • After a few minutes, you will see the tiny bubbles starts forming on the surface of your coffee, take out the bubbles slowly and pour them into your coffee cup. If bubbles appear again, do the same.
  • After a few more minutes, you will see that white foam starts forming on the surface of your coffee. Remember do not stir the coffee. Once you see your coffee is about to start boiling you must remove from the heat

Once the coffee starts boiling remove from the gas.

  • Now it’s time to pour your coffee into the cup, the same cup in which we gathered the bubbles first.

You must pour the coffee very slowly into the cup to avoid destroying the white foam on the surface. When you pour the coffee slowly in the cup the white foam will stay on the top of your coffee in the cup and won’t disappears.

  • After pouring the coffee into the cup you must not stir it, you must wait until the bubbles holding coffee goes down in the cup and then it’s ready to drink.

Coffee making in Turkish way takes around seven to ten minutes over the heat. And you must be patient and you must look over the coffee preparation carefully. While this Cofee making, one should take care of the medium heat setting of the gas. Coffee making seems easy, but Turkish Coffee as new to our culture will require some other precisions. Undoubtedly, Coffee making in Turkish way is to fun and tastes good too!

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